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Manufacturer: Battery Link
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Battery Link “Pro-Series” chargers feature micro processor technology to controls the entire charging process by electronically monitoring the battery's current and voltage and determining what charging rate is required to keep the battery in good working order. They are designed to extend the service life of batteries and therefore can be left connected to a battery for long periods and will safely hold the charge, eliminating flat batteries and starting problems. They are suitable for the recovery, charging and maintenance of most starting and deep cycle batteries commonly used in all sorts of vehicles from golf carts to ride-on mowers, cars to caravans and jet skis to larger pleasure craft. Capable of fully charging and maintaining Calcium deep cycle and starting batteries, 12 volt lead acid batteries and includes a 12V/5.0A power supply which will operate 12 volt fridges/freezers from 240V mains power. It's IP65 rated so is capable of use in very dusty or rainy conditions. Pulse charging for severely discharged batteries - over 4.5V Charging voltage 14.4V or 14.7 +/- 0.25V Charging Current 7A or 1.5A +/-10%

  • Charges 12V lead acid, gel and AGM batteries
  • Charges 12V calcium-calcium batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Maintenance charge
  • Spark proof
  • Direct battery connectors and alligator clips
  • Automatic control
  • One touch control
  • Charging indication
  • Rated IP65 - can be used outside
  • Mountable option
  • Can be used as a 12V power supply
  • 12V accessory adaptor
  • 16V boost

The connecter & cable included with this charger is available separately. In cases where the battery may be difficult to reach or access is limited, the extra cable can be permanently connected to the battery for quick and easy charging. Commonly known as "Smart Chargers", an MCU battery charger controls the amount of charge delivered by digitally monitoring the entire charging process and then determining the appropriate charging rate and voltage necessary to keep the battery in good working order. Unlike a conventional transformer battery charger, the Pro Series range can be used on a variety of battery types. They can be connected for long periods of time without causing damage and are very successful in recovering heavily sulfated batteries that are not recoverable with conventional chargers. When used regularly, they are effective in extending the life of most starting and deep cycle batteries.

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