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At Battery Rite, we pride ourselves on offering the very best automotive products, batteries, accessories and tools in the industry. We are also one of the exclusive dealers of Marshall Batteries in Australia. Marshal Batteries provides a free extended battery warranty which covers you right across Australia, roadside day or night, for peace of mind.

At Battery Rite, you can find a wide variety of products and services. Browse through our vast selection to find the perfect fit for you.We guarantee Satisfaction with every purchase. We provide nationwide warranty on batteries. 

All our lubricants are made with the highest quality ingredients and are available in a wide variety of viscosities. If you’re having trouble with your engine oil, you can rest assured that our lubricants will keep your engine running smoothly. 

If you need any help selecting the proper oil for your vehicle give us a call!

Our uniquely designed clear vision wipers mean you won’t have to deal with squeaks and smears that you might get with other brands. Our Clear Vision wipers are designed to work with all types of vehicles.

Call 02 7202 9692 for expert advice.

At BatteryRite Quality is not an option, It is a promise.

If you’re looking for a quality and long-lasting battery, look no further! Our experts can help you find the best battery for your vehicle.

At BatteryRite we offer:

  • Nationwide, 24/7 Warranty on your battery range.
  • Quality customer service OR, A quality customer service experience
  • Vast collection of brands and products to choose from
  • A commitment to providing top quality products for your vehicle.

Our aim is to provide quality batteries, accessories, tools and auto care products – for all makes and models in Australia.

We are driven by high values to provide exceptional customer service and products.

Come visit us at BatteryRite, or call us now if you’re unsure of the specifics



What do we have?

Marshall Battery

For more than 80 years, Marshall Battery has been serving Australians with a leading nationwide battery supply and service. We are one of the exclusive dealers of Marshall Batteries in Revesby and Bankstown region.

Supercharge Batteries

SuperCharge maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using advanced Expanded Grid Technology (EXG) to withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The automotive battery range offers a wide range of applications for all makes and models.


At BatteryRite, we have a wide range of batteries that are designed for use in passenger cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Clear vision wipers

Our uniquely designed wiper blades mean you won’t have to deal with the squeaks and smears that other brands leave behind. Our Clear Vision wipers are designed to work with any type of vehicle. If you need to find out more about our Clear Vision wipers, simply give us a call.

Clearview Lighting (Coming Soon)

BatteryRite’s range of high-quality vehicle lighting products are developed to service all our customer needs. From design to engineering quality, reflectors and lenses, we offer the best vision for your drive.


At BatteryRite, you will find a great selection of car accessories such as sunshades, boot organisers, car air fresheners, phone holders and branded lubricants.

Car Care Products

BatteyRite stocks a large range of products for car care and maintenance, including car wash, wax, polishes, clay bars. Browse through our premium selection to find the best fit for your needs.
Tuff Tools

Tuff Tools (Coming soon)

If you are looking for D.I.Y, you’ll need the right tools for the job. At BatteryRite, we have everything you need for the perfect job ranging from axile/stands, spanners, filter removal tools, auto electrical tools and more…

If you are looking for top-notch products and excellent customer service, then look no further than BatteryRite. You can be sure that when you shop with BatteryRite you will get quality products at competitive price.
We stock all premium brand lubricants.

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