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10 Simple Steps to Properly Jump Start a Car Battery


jump start a car battery

Properly jump-starting a car can save time and money, whether you're the one stranded in a parking lot with a dead battery or a kind bystander. Although the procedure is rather simple, there are a few details you must pay attention to. Follow these ten steps for a quick and secure jump start.


Choosing the Best Set of Jumper Cables

A set of jumper cables is necessary before you can jump start a car's battery. For situations like the one you're in right now, we always advise keeping a set of premium booster cables in your trunk. Make sure to get jumper cables from trusted manufacturers, like AAA, as many low-brand cables are either too short or have subpar clamps that may not be compatible with various automobiles.

Different gauges of jumper cables are available. The jumper cables are heavy-duty if they have a smaller gauge. The market is flooded with 10 gauge jumper wires. These are not heavy-duty and might melt or are insufficiently powerful to complete the task on your vehicle. A jumper cable with a gauge of 6 or less is advised. Most full-size automobiles, trucks, and SUVs will be able to be started using these jumper cables.

Your job will be simpler if the jumper cord is longer. It's possible that you can't always position the source car in the best possible method. Longer cables will aid in resolving the issue. A length of 16 to 20 feet is what we advise. 

Observe the insulation on the jumper cables as well. The cables will be better protected if the rubberized material is thicker. Strong, angular teeth that provide adequate tension and a better connection should be present on the clamps that are attached to the ends of jumper wires.

Once you've found the ideal set of jumper cables, you'll want to take good care of them so that they'll still be functional when you need them. Put your jumper cables in a bag that can withstand the elements. The insulation of the jumper cables may deteriorate due to exposure to the elements, such as too much moisture or sunlight, making them risky to use to jump-start a car battery.


Safety Considerations

Jump-starting is dangerous and must be done correctly to prevent injury or damage to the vehicles, even while following all safety instructions. You should study your car's manual carefully and adhere to all manufacturer guidelines and instructions regarding how to jump start a car battery.


Make Sure it's Okay Before You Jump Start The Vehicle

Modern automobiles aren't as simple to operate as earlier generations. Electronic and computer systems in many more recent cars are susceptible to harm. So, before digging up your cables, make sure to read the owner's instructions.


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Ensure That Both Vehicles are Turned Off and in Park

Make sure the emergency brake is applied and that both vehicles are in the park and off. You must arrange the automobile nose to nose unless you have a long set of cords. You'll need to open the hoods of both automobiles in order to get to the battery, and if one of the cars rolls, you might become stuck in the space between them. It is essential to turn off both vehicles. Even though 12 volts don't have much power, it can nevertheless shock you or start a fire.


Locate The 12-Volt Battery

The process of finding a car's battery used to be simpler. However, modern hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles contain several batteries, and the ignition battery is frequently difficult to locate. Almost all automobiles have a 12V battery beneath the hood or a post that can be used in its place. If there isn't a battery visible underneath the hood, search for a box marked "+12V" and look inside for a post.


Attach The (Red) Positive Clamps.

It is safe to connect the jumper cables in almost any order if both vehicles are off, but the correct procedure is to connect one of the positive clamps to the dead battery first, followed by connecting the other positive clamp to the functional battery.

Attach The (Black) Negative Clamps

Negative clamps are more complicated than positive clamps. The functional battery will receive one end of the black cable; the dead battery will not receive this connection. Instead, ground it by fastening it to a metallic engine, frame, or chassis component that is not painted.

Start The Donor Vehicle

Start the running (donor) car after making sure the clamps are linked and secure. Before attempting to start the halted (receiver) car, let the engine run for a while.

Starting The Recipient Vehicle

Try starting the stalled car again after the engine has been running for a while. Double check the connections if it still won't start, then wait a little longer. You might need to wait 5 or 10 minutes if The batteries are old or cold because they take longer to charge. It may be beneficial to rev the engine of a moving car.


Disconnect The Cables

The cables should be disconnected in the reverse sequence of their connection. Remove the black clamp on the donor battery first, then the black ground on the recipient vehicle. The red clamp on the recipient car should then be removed after the red clamp on the donor car. Until they are all entirely separated, take care to prevent the clamps from coming into contact with one another. They will spark if they come into contact while having electricity flowing through them, which can result in the beginnings of a fire.


Let The Vehicle Run For a While

Once the stuck car has started, do not immediately shut it off. You can use the motor of your car to charge the battery, which will still need to be charged. It's preferable to remain stationary and give it some time to run before entering traffic.


Have Your Battery Checked

In the event that your battery has failed for whatever reason, it is always a good idea to have a mechanic examine it. Numerous factors can cause a battery to lose charge, so having yours examined can prevent you from becoming stuck in the future. 


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